100 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

My Dad & I in the fall of 2004. Goofy smile on me, but I love the picture!

My friend Carla started this & a few of my other blogger friends have joined in!  Seems like a fun challenge to try to get to 100…so here I go…!!

  1. This list is in no particular order, which is hard…I like my lists in an appropriate order.
  2. That sounds very OCD or Type A…I consider myself neither of those.
  3. I live in the same town I grew up in.
  4. My husband is 10 years older than I am…he will always have a young wife… ;)
  5. He grew up in the same town I did, went to the same schools…10 years earlier.
  6. I met my husband at work…he still works at the same place.
  7. I am not a beer drinker, but wish I was.
  8. In college I drank Jim Beam & Diet Coke…even while playing beer pong.
  9. I also drank white wine.
  10. I started drinking red wine when I met my husband.
  11. We were in a wine club that met once a month at a restaurant.  We would take turns planning 5-6 course meal (with help from the chef) with wine paired to it.
  12. I enjoy Bordeaux type blends the most.
  13. I’ve been with my husband for 6.5 years.
  14. He asked me to marry him on April Fools Day in 2007…I thought he was playing a joke on me, so I wouldn’t open the ring box.  He opened it, there was a ring & we were both laughing!
  15. We’ve been married for 4.5 years.
  16. We got married at Oceancliff in Newport, it rained ALL DAY…so we should be very lucky! ;)
  17. We went to Maui & Kauai on our honeymoon & we both can’t wait to go back!
  18. We traveled often before kids…weekends away & weeks away.
  19. We still travel even with kids…weekends away more than weeks away.
  20. We took our daughter to Disney World when she was 18 months old…she loved it!  It was my husband’s 1st time.
  21. We want to go back to Disney in April with both girls…Ava will be almost 4 & Sophie will be 14 months.
  22. I’ve been to Disneyland too & would love to take the kids there.
  23. I love all the Disney movies & am happy I can watch them with my girls.
  24. I bought the new Tinkerbell movie, but can’t wait until Christmas to give it to them…because I WANT to watch it!
  25. I’ve been a skier since I could walk.
  26. I tried snowboarding in high school, but still stick to skiing.
  27. I’ve skied in Salt Lake City, Utah & Lake Tahoe, California/Nevada.
  28. I would love to go to British Columbia & ski at Whistler.
  29. I wanted my husband to ski with me, so he took a lesson the 1st winter we were together.
  30. Now my daughter is going to start lessons this winter, she will be 3.5.
  31. We put her on skis last winter at 2.5, she made it down the bunny trail…with me holding her between my legs.
  32. I skied while pregnant with Ava, I was only 2 months & very careful.
  33. I envisioned a regular labor & delivery, but had C Sections.
  34. I wanted to breastfeed, tried both times…but it didn’t work out for me.
  35. I NEVER thought once about cloth diapering.  We use disposable.
  36. I hate doing laundry, which is why I knew cloth diapering wasn’t for me! ;)
  37. It isn’t the act of doing laundry that I dislike…it is folding & putting them away.
  38. I have cleaners come in once a week & clean my house.
  39. I love to decorate my house for holidays & seasons.
  40. Sometimes I’m late getting all the decorations up or taking them down.
  41. I love the look of my house decorated for Christmas.
  42. I still LOVE my birthday!
  43. I’m going to be 33 on November 30th.
  44. I have 2 friends, twins, that I’ve been friends with since 7th grade.
  45. I have 2 friends I’ve been friends with since college, 1 freshman year & 1 sophomore year.
  46. I have 2 friends I met at jobs, 1 at Victoria’s Secret in 2001 & 1 at Fleet Bank/Bank or America in 2003.
  47. I’m sort of quiet around new people & not overly out going, so I don’t always make new friends easily.  But once I know you, I’m very outgoing!
  48. I would rather have QUALITY friendships than a QUANTITY of friends.
  49. I made some new great friends in the last couple years in my FBC & the Rhody Bloggers group!
  50. FBC stands for Faux Book Club…we get together once a month for food & wine…but DO NOT discuss books.
  51. My blogger inspiration & one of my best friends came out of FBC…Joanna over at Baby Gators Den!  She did 100 things too, check it out!
  52. It has been awhile since I tried a new activity…last night I went pole dancing with my FBC ladies!  I didn’t know what to expect…at all!  It was fun & hard work….I’m kind of thinking about trying a cardio pole dancing class?!?!  More to come on that….
  53. I waitressed through college.  I worked at Victoria’s Secret in college & for almost a year later.
  54. For “real” jobs I worked at Fleet Bank which is now Bank of America & Smart Management where I met my husband.
  55. I never really felt like I found my dream career, it was easy for me to leave the workforce when our kids came along.
  56. I am a stay at home Mom & love it…I’m very thankful I am able to stay home with them.
  57. That being said, there are days I wish I could take a sick or personal day! ;)
  58. I love road trips.  Driving in the car for long distances doesn’t bother me, my husband or are kids!
  59. Which means we are ready for a cross-country trip to explore the USA…at some point we will do it!
  60. I would love to explore other countries too, but want to still see all the USA has to offer.
  61. I’ve driven to Florida & back 5 times.
  62. Most recently with my husband, Mom & Ava when she was 9 months old…in 22 hours.
  63. I’ve been away from my kids twice by myself…once for a ski weekend & once overnight.
  64. My husband & I have been away from the kids together twice, once when I was pregnant with Sophie & once just a few weeks ago.
  65. It is nice to get a break, but I miss them at the same time.
  66. I’m not ready to be away from them more than 2-3 days yet.
  67. Give me a few years…I’m sure that will change as they get older.
  68. My father was the BEST Dad in the world (besides my husband), I was a “Daddy’s Little Girl” even at 30!
  69. We found out he had pancreatic cancer right before Ava was born in July of 2009.
  70. He fought hard, chemo, radiation, surgery…but he lost his battle July of 2010.
  71. He died 4 days after Ava’s 1st birthday & I know he only made it that far for me…so he could be at my daughter’s 1st birthday.
  72. I’m crying as I type this because I still miss him so very much…everyday.
  73. I missed him being there when Sophie was born, because I saw how much he loved his granddaughters & know he still loves Sophie…just from Heaven.
  74. I believe in God & Heaven.
  75. I believe I will be with my Dad again one day…a loooooooong time from now!
  76. I love my girls more than words can say!
  77. I’m so happy & thankful they chose me to be their Mom!
  78. Still thinking about #3?!?  Maybe?!?  More to come on this…?!?!
  79. I have a brother that is about 17 months younger than me…just the 2 of us.
  80. I have a wonderful sister-in-law & 2 beautiful nieces from my brother.
  81. On my husband’s side I have 3 sister-in-laws, 3 brother-in-laws, plus 7 nieces & nephews.
  82. I love shopping!
  83. I buy my girls more clothes than myself at this point.
  84. I am about 40 pounds from where I want to be, which explains the lack of shopping for myself.
  85. I’ve lost about 10 pounds recently & am still working on it.
  86. I try to have a protein shake every morning for breakfast.
  87. I’ve been trying to eat better, more of a lifestyle change than a “diet”.
  88. I love My Fitness Pal app, I use it everyday to track my food & exercise.
  89. I’ve also been using the Couch to 5k app to help me start running again.
  90. My other favorite fitness item is my Fitbit!  I love seeing how many steps I take a day & how far I am walking!
  91. My daughter Sophie, at 8 months, just started saying dadadadada…I know it is just a sound, not calling DADA, but really??  What about MAMAMAMA?? ;)
  92. We’ve started family traditions during different seasons & I  LOVE it!
  93. Fall/Halloween we go apple picking, we make a scarecrow, we go to the pumpkin patch & we do a trick or treat hayride through our neighborhood on Halloween.
  94. Winter/Christmas we do the Polar Express in North Conway, NH, we go to the Christmas Carol at Trinity Rep, we visit Santa Claus to say “Hi” & take a picture, we host our family for Christmas Day at our house & our Moms come over Christmas morning to see the girls open their gifts & have breakfast.
  95. I think a new tradition may be going camping on the weekends of Mother’s Day & Father’s Day.
  96. Ava was born on July 24th, I had a C Section & was in the hospital for 4 day, we came home with our newborn baby girls on July 28th which was my husband’s 40th birthday.  He didn’t get a card or a present that year…I was busy! ;)
  97. If I won the lottery I would: put $$ away for my kids, I would share a LITTLE ;) of the wealth with our families, buy a Maserati convertible, buy a new house, & travel!  Of course there would be clothes, bags, shoes & jewels too!  All of this would depend on how much $$$$ we won!
  98. I thought getting to 100 things would be hard but I could probably add more…
  99. It took me about an hour to write this, in which time I also feed both the girls their breakfast, drank a chocolate & banana protein shake & am about to have my 1st cup of coffee.  Sophie is in her car walker & Ava is “reading” books.
  100. I will be compiling a list in my head for next time!

What random & fun facts would you write down if you did a 100 things about you?!?


  1. says

    I love your list, Heather. And i also have tears on my face reading about your dad. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. He is looking down on you, knowing what a beautiful and wonderful daughter he has. I knew the moment that i met you that I liked you– you’re sweet and kind and I love learning more about you every day! :)

  2. says

    Love your list Heather!!! I also cried reading about your Dad. Pancreatic cancer is brutal. My uncle fought a long hard battle with it as well before passing away in 2007. It was nice getting to know you better though this list!! :)

  3. says

    What a great list, like you said, its wonderful to learn more about each other (even though I already knew some of it too – that’s what happens when you chat in a parking lot for an hour after a couple glasses of wine!!) I love that picture of you and your father – you can see how happy you both are!!

  4. says

    This is a great list. I am so sorry about your Dad. I love the picture of you and him! I also love Disney and decoriating the house, especially for holidays!! One of my favorite things to do. And I have a tough time making friends too. I don’t know why. Great to get to know you better through this! :)

  5. says

    Such a cute list! My husband is 7 years older and I think the same- he always married a young wife! I am so sorry about your dad. THat must have been so hard for you. Hugs!

  6. says

    Even though we have never met in real life I feel like I know so much about you. You really gave us some very personal information. I had tears running down my face when I read about your dad. I can’t imagine how hard that loss was, but I’m sure he is with you everyday.
    I totally feel the same way about friends. I don’t need 100. I’d rather have 1 BFF!
    Love following your photos on Instagram! :)

  7. says

    oh honey i’m so sorry about your dad. i love your list. and i get the whole being 40 pounds off where you want to be. me too. lets support each other and get this done :) xo

  8. says

    My heart breaks for you. I lost my mom and she was my best friend. It kills me all the time that she never got to meet her grandbabies. They definitely watch over us though! I love your list and I too felt oddnothaving a rhyme or reason to the order of mine!

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