Hi and welcome to Housewife Heather, I am well…Heather!  This is my first foray into blogging and I am so excited to be starting this new adventure!  Housewife Heather came about as a way to share tips, knowledge and lessons I’ve learned from “on the job training” as a Mom, Wife and all around Homemaker or “jane of all trades”!

I live in New England, specifically Rhode Island…the littlest state.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else and never have!  I love having 4 seasons, and all that goes along with them.  I am very thankful for the life I live with a great husband and two beautiful daughters, along with wonderful family and friends!

I enjoy many different types of hobbies and activities!  I love to shop, what woman doesn’t!  I like decorating, although I’m running out of blank canvases in my house…so I may have to start re-decorating!?  I enjoy cooking and baking, meal planning because let’s be honest, it makes it easier to keep cooking every night!  I also love white and red wine…which goes along with cooking, right?!  I love the beach in the summer, apple picking in the fall, skiing in the winter, camping and traveling year around!  I tend to use way too many !!!!! in my writing, I will try to keep it in check!

I hope you enjoy my blogging journey as much as I do!  Please feel free to contact me!  I look forward to hearing from you!