An anniversary is a day that commemorates or celebrates a past event that occurred on the same day of the year as the initial event. {Taken from Wikipedia}

Anniversaries…we all celebrate all kinds of anniversaries!  Happy events, uplifting events, sad or tragic events, all anniversaries of an event that is celebrated or remembered each year.

Today, March 8th, marks 5 years since my husband & I said “I Do” in a lovely wedding ceremony in Newport.  A happy, joyous & love filled event we celebrate each year!  One of my favorite & one of the best days of my life…with the other 2 days being our daughters births!  Today it is snowing, in years past it has been warmer & spring like…  On our wedding day it wasn’t snowing or nice out…it was similar to a monsoon as in rain, rain & more rain!  But it was our day & rain wasn’t going dampen our day!  Ok, maybe outside it was rather damp… ;)  But inside Ocean Cliff that day was another story…it was bright, warm & full of LOVE!  On this day 5 years ago I married my best freiend, my love, my rock, my partner, my everything!  Sappy but true…  On that day I became a housewife, well sort of…I was still working then, so maybe a wife & part time housewife?! ;)  Seriously though, my life changed the day I met my husband, we slowly started down a path that has led us to where we are today & I wouldn’t change a thing.  Our path is just that, our path, it was & is perfect for us…now we continue to follow our path through life together with 2 other passengers along for the crazy ride!


Our wedding was my favorite ever, but maybe I’m slightly biased!  We were surrounded by our family & friends in a beautiful setting.  We had a live band, delicious food & an open bar (which means lots of fun ;) )!  After the wedding everyone changed into casual clothes, then we continued to celebrate with pizzas & drinks in the Safari Room!  Some of our guests stayed over with us in rooms at Ocean Cliff & the party continued into the wee hours of the next morning.  Our wedding was exactly the party we wanted, a day we will always remember, a day we celebrate each year!

wedding 2

On this day, the 5th anniversary of our wedding day, I wish for many, many, many more aniversaries filled with love, good health, happiness & laughter!  With my husband by my side I can get through anything life throws at us, we can get through anything together.  This is our path, the path we chose…our path is one that is walked hand in hand, with my head resting on his shoulder.  On our path, if the going gets tough that is when he throws me over his shoulder & runs straight thru the rough patches, because that is the kind of guy I chose!

Husband of mine, I love you more than words can say on this day & everyday!  My love for you grows stronger each & everyday!

Ok folks, it’s my anniversary so give me a break on the sap, alright?! ;)



  1. says

    This almost made me cry! (Yes… I’m a bit hormonal) but mostly because it’s an honest testament of how you feel about your life partner & it’s simply beautiful. Thanks for giving us a clip of your wedding and cheers to many more anniversaries.

  2. Jodi says

    Happy Anniversary! I feel like I was there! Hope you have a fabulous evening out with your sweetheart!

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