I am Super Excited to tell you that I am now a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!!!



This came at the perfect time for me!  The Summer was tough fitness wise for me.  I fractured my ankle in mid-June, which meant basically no working out for 3-4 weeks, then modified workouts for another 3-4 weeks.  By the end of August I was beyond ready to re-commit to my fitness journey.  Being a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador is great inspiration to get out there & get moving, whether it is a hike, a run, a CrossFit workout or simply running around with my kids!

Along with my fitness, we’ve started, as a family, to eat & cook clean!  With my husband on board, this has been a lot easier!  I’m the one that goes grocery shopping, does the meal planning & most of the cooking, the responsibility falls to me to makes sure my family is healthy.  This proves to be a bigger task some weeks & easier other weeks.  But life is a work in progress, right?! ;)  One thing that makes this all easier for me is planning!  I plan a bigger dinner, so that I can pack leftovers for lunch or even breakfast if it works out!  I also try to have some staples on hand at all times…hard boiled eggs, eggs, cooked veggies, frozen wild caught shrimp, cooked/uncooked nitrate free bacon & deli meat, salad makings & fresh fruit.  I can usually pull together breakfast, lunch or dinner on the fly with a mix of these items!

What does all this mean for you?!  I will be sharing more of my fitness, clean eating, lifestyle changes with you!  Make sure to follow me on Twitter at @HWifeHeather & Instagram at @HWifeHeather, I will post daily updates, pics, tips & my workouts!  Let’s connect soon!


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