Block Island Organics ~ Natural Organic Mineral Sunscreen {Review}

Summer 2005Want to know what this picture shows besides my pre-kid body?! ;)  A younger version of myself that didn’t think sunscreen was important.  Also my handsome, tan Dad who did use sunscreen but still tanned!  Back to me…  My family, even before I had my own family, always enjoyed outdoor pursuits.  Year round sports…skiing in the winter, the beach in the summer with kayaking & waterskiing, hiking & camping in the spring & fall.  A lot of time spent outdoor in the sun.  My Mom did put sunblock on us when we were kids.  Then as I went through my teen years & early 20′s I was more concerned with having a golden tan…something that a blonde, blue eyed Irish/English girl struggled to be!  Fast forward to my late 20′s, I knew how important sunscreen was, it was hard not to with the rise of skin cancers.  I knew that I needed to protect myself & my fair skin.  Gone was the need for a golden tan, I would rather be pale & alive.  After 3 excisions for atypical moles, I know what I am talking about!

My family spends most of our summer on the beach at Bonnet Shores or by a pool & we have for years!  I knew when I had kids they would need to be protected from the sun too, because they would be right there with us on the beach or by the pool all day.  Ava was born on July 24th, a week later she was at the beach!  At that time most of my sunscreen options were limited to sunscreens with chemicals, which I didn’t want to use…so Ava spent her first summer under an umbrella or in a sun tent or other sun blocking type of product, it was fine because she was a baby.  Fast forward to the 2nd summer & we needed sunscreen for her because she was on the move!  Still, most of the products had a lot of unnecessary chemicals.  I would try to buy the “best” products I could.

Enter Block Island Organics!!  First, let me say how happy I am that this is a local to me company!  Block Island is a ferry trip away, off the coast of Rhode Island.  I was kind of automatically 1/2 in love with the product already just because of that!  Ok, maybe not 1/2 but you get my drift…  Block Island Organics has an “Our Ingredients” page right on their website that shows all ingredients used in their sunscreens, gives a definition, usage & EWG Rating # for each ingredient.  As a Mom & dare I say smart consumer, I appreciated that fact that all the ingredients where right there for me to read through…check up on & know that I felt comfortable putting this on my girls sensitive little girl skin!

I know it isn’t even summer in New England but my girls & I wear sunscreen on our faces year round.  So I was more than happy to try out Block Island Organics Baby Block SPF30 & their SPF15!

"An organic lightweight, non-nano and instantly absorbing mineral based sunscreen safe for sensitive skin.  Provides hours of all natural, highly effective broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection." ~Block Island Organics

“An organic lightweight, non-nano and instantly absorbing mineral based sunscreen safe for sensitive skin. Provides hours of all natural, highly effective broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.” ~Block Island Organics

We’ve used it daily for a few weeks now, including when we went skiing!  Yes, I said skiing!  How many people out there wear sunscreen skiing?!  Does it even enter your mind?!  We do!  We are out in the sun all day on the slopes, that sun is beating on you & reflecting off the snow…believe me, but experience, I know you can get a sunburn on the slopes in the middle of January!

What did I LOVE, besides it being local, Block Island Organics is mineral based sunscreen utilizing the best & when possible certified organic ingredients!  After using their products I can also tell you that the sunscreen glides on easily without leaving a greasy feeling behind.  It also has a very light & pleasant scent.  I wore the SPF15 on its own & under make-up, both ways it worked well!  I tend to break out on my face, so I was a little nervous…but I didn’t have a problem at all, which is super important in a daily SPF for me!

All in all I LOVED Block Island Organics sunscreen!  We’ve got new sunscreens for our beach bag this year, which happens to be taking a trip to Block Island for a week in July! ;) Hoping my trip out to Block Island will also include a trip to Block Island Organics co-founder, Lauren von Bernuth’s, Koru Eco Spa!  The spa is actually what started the sunscreen line…

“Block Island Organics grew out of Koru Eco Spa and a desire to provide safe, effective, and pleasing suncare products.  As an eco-friendly spa located on an island surrounded by beaches Koru knew firsthand the effects of the sun on skin and how hard it was to find a good, safe suncare line that was pleasing to use.  Thus the seed for Block Island Organics began!”

Block Island Organics can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram & their own blog!



*Disclosure ~ I received sunscreen to use in order to facilitate my honest review shared here.


  1. says

    I have never heard if this brand! I’m so excited to try it bc I am very fair. Oh and I totally get it when it comes to spending a childhood baking in the sun. I’ve been making up for it ever since. Great review! Thanks for posting!

  2. Wendy says

    Great review, well written and informative. I would like to try it, where is it sold, I know “go on the website” my daughter would say. I hope this next generation is better about sunscreen as teenagers.

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