Camping…the Good, the Bad and the Rainy!

Have you ever been camping before? If not, I highly recommend at least trying it!  We, my husband and I, camped in a tent before the girls came along!  It was fun and we enjoyed it, but a weekend was our limit in a tent.

our tent









After our first daughter was born we tent camped two more times…The first was an overnight in October, a little cold and she wasn’t walking yet.  She laid down for her nap and she slept fine.  Bedtime came around, she went to sleep like normal, except for all the layers ; ) .  All was well, for a little while!  We went to bed and realized she had uncovered her hands (she was in a one piece fleece set with hand and feet coverings), I tried to cover them up again…BAD IDEA!  She woke up and started screaming…in a tent…in a campground!  We tried and tried to get her back to sleep.  Eventually we decided to go for a ride and ended up checking into a local hotel just to get a good night sleep.  The second was last August, our daughter was now 2 and I was a couple of months pregnant…just out of the morning sickness phase!  We were going for a long weekend, which as I said usually a weekend is our limit.  All was great, we were all having fun!  Until the last night…see, should have stuck with the weekend limit…that last night did it!  Just as we were putting the fire out and going to bed it started to rain…I mean RAIN!  The tent was fine, no leaking…but downpours while in a tent are very LOUD!  It was a looooong night.  Still raining when we woke up, so packing up all the gear and kid was wet and not exactly fun.  As we were packing up, I said to my husband…”imagine if we had a camper, we just hitch it up to the truck and drive away…”  We started looking for campers the very next weekend.  By Columbus Day weekend we had our first travel trailer and we were heading out for our first camping weekend…a long weekend in fact!  We LOVE our camper!  It is perfect for our family, and has room to spare.  For any camping enthusiasts, it is a Keystone Premier and sleeps 10.

Fast forward to this past weekend..which was to be a long weekend, Friday through Monday.  We started off at Yogi Bear Campground in Sturbridge MA.  Friday was ok…checked in, set up and had dinner.  As we were going to bed a camper pulled in next to us in what we assumed was our site.  Well, you know what they say about ASSUMING?!  The campground had these sites set up right next to each other…so close that the other campers couldn’t open their awning because ours was already opened.  The other campers were very nice, informing us they were only passing through for the night and would be leaving in the morning.  Saturday started off fine, we had breakfast and went for a walk.  Any parent of a toddler knows how important the playground is, right?  Well, theirs was old, outdated and needed a good power washing.  We also saw that the lake shore was lined with duck and geese droppings, politely put!  I didn’t need to see anymore…  We called around, found another campground with an opening and left within two hours.  On to campground number two!  We moved to the Circle CG Farm Campground in Bellingham MA.  The campground was clean, owners were great and it was Christmas in July.  How could this be bad…?!  Well, the rain began shortly after we went swimming in the pool…it rained and rained and rained.  We woke up Sunday morning to more rain…  We tried to keep our 3-year-old daughter busy…in a camper…without being able to go outside.  Not easy!  Thankfully I had a Kiwi Crate, which if you haven’t checked out, you should!  The two crafts that were in the box kept us busy for about an hour.  After that it was decision time…stay or go…go or stay?  We decided to go, go home and salvage our Monday.  Which was the right decision!

Monday morning was bright, sunny and warm!  We decided to spend this beautiful day at the beach and had a wonderful time!  A great end to LONG weekend!


  1. says

    See, this is exactly why I do not go camping. ;) I’ve only camped once- when I was in high school with my youth group. That was enough for me. Love your snazzy camper!

  2. Heather says

    It is fun! Especially for a family! I will have to write another more glowing post! :) I’m thinking of adding a Camping/Campground page…?!


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