Cancer, Hysterectomy & Recovery…

I’ve gone from “You’ve got cancer…” on April 1st, to what I was feeling leading up to the night before my Hysterectomy & now….

Monday April 22nd was the date of my surgery, set for 3pm & I needed to be at Woman & Infants Hospital by 1pm.  With a 3pm surgery time, I wasn’t able to eat anything but clear fluids after 2pm the day before & nothing at all after midnight the night before.  Ummm… How do you think I was feeling before surgery?!?!  Starving & thirsty is how I felt!  Which led to a need of macarons from my favorite bakery! ;)  More on that soon…

Ava has school on Mondays, so off she went.  I showered, packed a bag & spent time with Sophie.  I didn’t allow myself any wallowing time!  It was time for positive thinking, happy thinking & some praying!  My friend Joanna had set up a meal drop off schedule for the 2 weeks after my surgery, which was so very helpful.  Knowing I didn’t need to cook every night was great!  Joanna came by the morning of my surgery with the 1st dinner for my family, snacks for the girls, flowers & a couple other surprises just for me!  Thank you Joanna!! :)  My aunt came over to watch the girls & Pete went to get Ava from school.  By 12:30 we were ready to go!  With one minor stop….Ellie’s Bakery!  My empty  stomach wanted to wake up from surgery knowing I had macarons waiting for me!

Get to the hospital…check in & within an hour I’m being wheeled into surgery early.  My surgeon wasn’t sure how she was going to do my hysterectomy because of possible scar tissue from my 2 c-sections…either a total laparoscopic hysterectomy or if too much scar tissue an abdominal hysterectomy.  The other unknown was whether any lymph nodes would need to be taken out as well.  This would be a decision made after a pathologist saw the uterus & was able to determine how deep the tumor had grown with a quick look.  I woke up in recovery after about 3 hours of surgery to find out that the surgery was done laparoscopically & my lymph nodes were left alone.  I stayed in the hospital over night & was home by 1pm the next day.

My recovery is around 6 weeks of taking it easy, that was especially true in the first couple of weeks.  The first few days were painful, I won’t lie to you about that!  The pain medication did help, but there were times of pain & soreness that the meds didn’t help.  By the next Sunday, almost a week later, I was off the pain medication & feeling better.  The pain & soreness subsided more & more everyday.  The hardest part of my recovery was not being able to pick up or carry Sophie, but at 30 pounds that was a no no.  My husband, mom, mother-in-law & 2 of my aunts pitched in so that someone was with me everyday to help with Sophie.

I had my 1st post op on Thursday May 2nd.  My doctor had good news for me!  The tumor had only grown into my uterus 3mm out of a possible 20mm!  Anything under 10mm is considered good, so I was very happy about that.  I felt so good after that, I felt like I had dodged a bullet!  I was going to be ok!  Even though I had been telling myself that all along, finally my surgeon was saying the same thing!  Phew…  Thank you God…  I won’t need any other treatment, but I will be getting annual or bi-annual blood work going forward to check for any irregularities.  I still had to take it easy, still couldn’t pick up anything over 5 pounds but could move around more & walk.  Throughout my recovery I stayed positive, looked to the bright side & just lived happily & thankfully.  We went camping in NH for a long weekend, celebrated Mother’s Day & just enjoyed a lot of family time!  Plus I had some fun girls nights out that were just as necessary as the family time!

My only down or upsetting time has been thinking about not having a baby #3.  I know I will have those thoughts, at times it will just be a passing thought & others it will be a gut wrenching thought…but I also know that will dull with time.  I had a dream that I got pregnant & went in for an ultrasound…the tech said “you’re pregnant with a baby boy but you don’t have a uterus…” umm, yup I know that already! ;)  For the most part I just look to the future & know that this is a new chapter in our lives.  We can travel more, make plans for the future without wondering if I would be pregnant or we would have a newborn & I can take my fitness more seriously.  I’ve already got some fitness goals for the next year!  Cheers to a new chapter!

My next & last post op is this Thursday June 6th!  After that I should be able to get back to regular life, pick up my baby girl, go to the gym & just simply LIVE my LIFE again!!!!

More to come after I see what my doctor has to say on the 6th….

*Note: for all you ladies….here is a giant irony for you…  I woke up the morning of my hysterectomy & got my period!  I guess Mother Nature had to stick it to me one last time!!  Can you believe it?!  IRONIC!!

I’m going to make this a series of posts since there it is too much for one.  Stay tuned for more…

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    So glad that the tumor was only minimally invasive – that’s AWESOME news!!!!! the period thing is just classic. CLASSIC. Hope you get great news this week!!!

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    Heather, it’s SUCH great news that the tumor was as small as it was. I can imagine what kind of relief that brought you. When we saw you at the PurpleStride, you’d never would have even known that you’d had surgery right before that. You are a TROOPER who just gets up and keeps going. I love that about you. That strength will get you through much in life. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow– I’ll be thinking of you!!! XOXO

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