Chink in my housewife armor…

The idiom “chink in one’s armor” refers to an area of vulnerability. It has traditionally been used to refer to a weak spot in a figurative suit of armor. The standard meaning is similar to that of Achilles’ heel. ~ Wikipedia

I have a HUGE tiny chink in my housewife armor…SEWING!  I “made” an apron at a Rhody Bloggers craft night & when I say “made” I mean I sewed cut pieces together, not as straight as I would have liked.  My friend Joanna saw my apron & was the to point out the chink in my armor!  She was soooo right!  My Mom taught me to sew when I was younger, but it has been awhile.  Which brings me to my apron…  I forgot all about putting the foot down so my stitches were not straight, once I put the foot down my stitches got much straighter.

I reached out to my sewing guru friends Kameron & Liz for some recommendations for sewing machines.  Another friend, Michele, had just bought a new sewing machine & mentioned hers.  Time for some research….  I decided to go with the Singer 7258 Stylist, which I was able to get on Amazon for $164.99.



I just go my sewing machine today, by tonight I plan to be sewing!  I bought some fabric to make some skirts for my girls.  I also started on some dresses with an older sewing machine, which I will be able to finish now.  I will take you all on my sewing journey, let you see what I’m making & how it is going!  I must learn & master the art of sewing!!  I don’t want to many chinks in my housewife armor… ;)



  1. Patty says

    Could you sew me David and Julie’s apron they had on for the “pizza” night party? I would like mine extra large if you know what I mean!

  2. says

    I have this sewing machine! It’s supposed to be “oh so easy” to thread. It’s not. Well, it wasn’t for me anyway. It got all sorts of jammed when I threaded it and I have been too annoyed to try again! I hope you have much better luck, and then maybe you can show me what I’m doing wrong haha

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