Fit Friday


Where are you in your fitness journey?!  I’m sort of in the middle, I’ve been going to No Risk Crossfit since September & have been trying to make healthier food choices.  The holidays were a stumbling block as far as food choices, but I am ready to reign it back in.  I’m starting the Let’s Be Real Nutrition & Health Challenge on January 20th, it will run for 6 weeks, finishing up on February 28th.  I am ready to go, well…almost! ;)  This weekend is going to be all about food…Saturday is going to be a food planning day, Sunday will be my shopping & food prep day!  I know that meal planning & prepping will be my biggest help or biggest failure if not done.  The fitness portion is more a continuation of what I’ve already been doing…I’ve already been going to crossfit 4 times a week & plan to increase to at least 5 times maybe even 6 depending on my schedule plus yoga on Sunday.  The other big part of the challenge will be the sleep, at least 7-9 hours a night!  I average around 7-7.5, but I would like to try for 8-8.5.  We tend to go to bed late because that is the time we can relax after putting the kids to bed, but then we are tired in the morning.  It is time for a curfew in our house, I would love to consistently have lights out at 10:30 which doesn’t seem that bad except we are normally lights out around 11:30 or 12:00.  10:30 will be the goal, hopefully it gets easier as we go along.

My fitness has been lacking this week.  We were supposed to be on vacation as of Sunday, but I ended up in the ER early Sunday morning with a kidney stone.  Sunday though Tuesday were mostly spent in bed or on the couch recovering & vacation was postponed until Tuesday night.  I still have my Polar Loop on & even used my Polar HR6 to see what a day of skiing would look like.  Unfortunately the HR6 only recorded for about 1/2 hour….it was still cool to see!  I also used an app called Ski Tracks, it is a GPS track recorder that shows your max speed, ski distance, vertical feet, altitude, number of runs, degree of the slope & your time duration.  I loved using it!  Especially to keep track of the number of runs I made, which I can never remember!  It was cool to see my max speed too, although I question the accuracy…it had my top speed at 51 mph & I never felt like I was going that fast…but maybe I was for a few seconds, you never know!

Polar Loop & Flow Polar Loop, HR6 & Flow

Ski Tracks












What are your fitness goals?!  Are you going to meal plan & prep for more success?!  How about sleeping…do you get enough sleep or do you need more?!  I would love to hear what you are doing to get & stay fit & healthy!



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