Fit Friday

I was able to go to No Risk CrossFit 4 times this week & it felt great!  I try to get at least 4-5 workouts in a week, sometimes going to a Saturday class to add another or make-up for a missed day.  I always wear my Polar Loop, when I am training I also wear a H6 HR monitor which syncs to the Loop & Polar Flow.  Polar Flow is a free app on my mobile devices that delivers the data from the Loop & my HR monitor.  I LOVE seeing how I am progressing through the week & I can even look back by the month too!


Here is my training for the week…  I try to make a collage of the data from the Polar Flow app & the WOD for that day, I usually will post it to Twitter and/or Instagram everyday I train!





I’ve been going to CrossFit since September 2013, I started off going a few times a week & in October really committed to going 3-4 times a week.  By December I was ready to commit to 4-5 times a week & I’ve tried to keep up with that!  I have noticed changes in my body shape & performance.  Most notably after the 6 week clean eating/getting sleep challenge back in February.  After the challenge was over I stopped being strict about my diet, I’m still trying to make the best choices I can, but not as strict.  Still working to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep at night, with 2 little girls sometimes this proves difficult, but I do try!  I’ve always been pretty good about water consumption, but have tried to increase the amount I drink on a daily basis.  My daily water intake is about 80-100 oz, besides that I have an iced coffee in the morning & I brew my own iced tea if I’m looking for something else to drink.

At this point in my fit/healthy journey, I making gains at CrossFit & I can feel the difference in my body’s performance!  I feel great while I am training & my recovery is much quicker than it was before!  I’m getting to CrossFit every week, drinking water & getting sleep!  With that being said, what I need to work on is my eating habits & be more consistent with clean eating!  What better time than the Summer to re-commit to clean eating?!  It is the season of seafood, grilled veggies & grilling in general!  So, keep an eye out for healthy recipes & tips coming soon!!

Until next week…go get your sweat on!


The many faces of my PR 205lb Deadlift!

The many faces of my PR 205lb Deadlift!

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