Friday Free For All ~ Rhody Beaches

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Rhody Bloggers are linking up honoring and celebrating the beautiful beaches of Rhode Island. We’re each sharing a cherished memory of an Ocean State beach. You’ll find links to a wonderful collection of beach memories at the end of this post. ~ Carla at All Of Me…Now

I was born & raised in Rhode Island, the littlest state but the best beaches!  Ok, I could be slightly biased…?!  Growing up we spent the weekends during the summer at the beach…every Saturday & Sunday my parents would pack up the car & off we went.  About 12 years ago my family bought a cabana at Bonnet Shores Beach Club in Narragansett…our beach days would never be the same!  There is the beach, a pool, tennis & basketball courts, snack bar, restaurant & bar…something for everyone.  Plus the beach is very kid friendly, the water is mostly calm & the members are all great…plus there is a rocky area where the kids can go to catch crabs & other sea life.  We’ve been spending our summer weekends here ever since.  Our girls have both had their 1st beach days here, my Dad had his last beach day here, every 4th of July for fireworks & at least one “Adult” only day for us! ;)  After Sandy battered our shores, I had to check on my favorite beach…  The club did pretty well compared to other places.  The pool was flooded, the parking lot had about 4-5 feet of water in it, some of the boardwalk was washed away along with some shingles, & a tent structure broke.  I feel like we made out ok compared to other areas along the coast in Rhode Island.

Here are some of our beach memories…some pictures are from years ago all the way up to this year!

My Dad & I…My Dad grilling up some dinner

My Dad & I fishing…The view from the beach

Ava’s 1st day at the beach, about 3 weeks old

Ava in 2010 & 2011















The best sand truck ever…Ava & her Poppy

Yup, a kiddie pool at the beach…4th of July 2010








Ava during the summer of 2012

Sophie’s 1st summer at the beach


Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on our shoreline. There are a multitude of ways you can help. Click here to connect to Serve Rhode Island which is coordinating efforts to help the families affected by Sandy. And let’s not forget the value of shopping local. As businesses rebuild and reopen, don’t forget to funnel your money back into the communities you love.

What are your thoughts?