Funktastic…a fun way of saying you are in a big funk!  Well…that is me…funktastic.  Which is why my blog posts have been a little inconsistent.  What makes up a funk for you?!  How do you bounce yourself out?!

Here are a few things that made up my funk….

While I LOVE the holiday season from Thanksgiving to Christmas and into New Years, it can be a little crazy & stressful too.  Our calendar, for weekends, is booked up until February & has been booked since the beginning of November.  Not that I’m complaining, I love seeing my family & friends, it is just busy.  So there is that…

We have decided (I think…?!) to move forward with fertility treatments & try for #3!  My husband & I discussed the pros & cons, back & forth for a few months now.  We decided to work with our doctor to get all the necessary blood work, physicals, etc out of the way so when we finally made a decision we could just GO FOR IT!  I’ve been excited thinking about #3, but a little nervous about what it would mean for our family & for me as a Mom.  I barely keep up with the laundry, dishes & clean up now…what would adding another baby do…  I THINK that as a Mom or Dad, you are never truly ready, but when that little baby arrives…you become ready & don’t look back.  So there is all this too….

My weight & fitness has been getting me down.  I need to make more time for working out, I need to make appointments with myself & not break them.  I just joined a YMCA near my house that has childcare for parents while they work out, looking forward to being able to do that.  Plus, taking the kids to play in the pool has been great!  I’ve also been trying to pay closer attention to what I eat, how much I eat & LIMIT the treats (my downfall).  I know that weight seems to come on faster than it goes off…at this point it NEEDS to come off! ;)  So there is this as well…..

Lastly, ANXIETY…there I said it…ANXIETY…I said it again.  I never really felt like I was an anxious person, it wasn’t a label I would use for myself.  When my Dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer I didn’t think about how it would change me, other than the obvious…seeing him go through his battle & ultimately losing it…the grief that would follow.  I was trying to get pregnant after he passed away, that was my focus.  Once I was pregnant that was my focus.  After Sophie was born I was hit with anxiety like I never felt before, anxiety about the health & safety of Pete, Ava, Sophie & I.  All of a sudden my fears were hard to control.  I would worry about EVERY little ache & pain.  I have been coping with my anxiety & doing better with it…I can reign myself in when my thoughts start to go wild…my husband & Mom are both very supportive through this…so are my friends.  So there is this too…

There you have it…ingredients of Funktastic or at least my Funktastic!

What have I been doing to bounce back?!  I concentrate on all that I have to be Thankful for in my life!  I try to smile every morning, every day & every night!  I tell myself everyday is a new day when it comes to diet & exercise…everyday I try my best & don’t beat myself up over my missteps.  I just look at my daughters & husband, I give them an extra 100 hugs & kisses!  I talk to my husband, Mom, sister-in-law & friends, I am honest about how I’m feeling, they are there to support me & always know the right thing to say!

I’ve learned that LIFE is better when you surround yourself with good people who you love & that love you back, when you always TRY to smile, when you live a THANKFUL life, when you wake up every day ready to just LIVE your LIFE as best you can!  Go out & LIVE the best LIFE you can!


  1. Connie says

    The problem is that Mom’s are Wonder Women, you know, minus the cape and the super human powers. But yet we’re still expected to be Wonder Women. It’s easy to fall into a funk, especially when there aren’t enough hours in the day and the days just seem to keep moving along even if it seems as though it’s doing so without us. And as you wrote, this time of year doesn’t help with that feeling given the fact that we’re so busy to begin with. Any advice I offer is easier said than done when you feel this way, but the most important thing to do right now is just take your time and be kind to yourself.

    • says

      Thanks for the kind words Connie!! You are right…we are Wonder Women…minus the cape! ;) I’m taking things one day at a time & TRYING to be kind to myself!

  2. Jodi says

    I feel your pain in more than one way. I am sorry for the loss of your dad, we lost my fil 6 months into our marriage 7 years ago and still hurts like yesterday. We need to get together and have a glass of vino when I’m not pregnant and you too! So much to be thankful for, I try to remember the good things I am fortunate for because there’s always a little “bitter” with the “batter”. We wouldn’t truly appreciate the blessings in life without feeling loss and pain at some point. Btw congrats on embarking on the quest for #3, that will keep you busy :)

    • says

      Jodi, I will be ready to hear how #3 goes!! ;) Thanks for the kind words & you are right, I’ve always felt the same way… “We wouldn’t truly appreciate the blessings in life without feeling loss and pain at some point”

      Sorry about your FIL.

  3. says

    I can definitely sympathize with this post! I get in funks like this at least a few times a year, and sometimes they are really hard to get out of. It sounds like you’re getting on the right track though, and your attitude towards it all seems positive. You can do it :) And i’m very excited at the thought of a third baby! We’re waiting another year or two for that so I live vicariously through others who go down that road before us. Good luck!! xoxoxo

  4. says

    Thank you for sharing so much in this post! Your life is going in such a beautiful direction as you grow your family. Times of transition, when amplified by the frenzy of the holidays, are always filled with ups and downs. Heck, even everyday life is filled with bumps in the road. It sounds like you have a wonderful support system =)

  5. says

    heather, it’s hard to believe that you could ever be in a funk because you’re someone that is ALWAYS smiling– your positive energy pours out of you, but i know you’re human and we all get into these funks. i’m so sorry about your dad- it breaks my heart to read it every time you write about him. i know he is proud of the beautiful life you’ve created for yourself and your family. :) you’ll get through this funk- i promise. and i’m so glad you have such a great support system. i’m here if you need me, girl. And, #3!!! Lots of love and luck to you in your journey to bring a third little baby to love into this world. You’ll handle it JUST FINE. XOXOXOXO

  6. says

    Just catching up but wanted to send you a giant virtual ((HUG)) even though you don’t really know me. I, myself, have finally faced the fact that I suffer from anxiety and depression this year, and it has made a world of difference to open up and face it, get help, and begin to live my life again. I’m so glad to hear that you are feeling well, and I wish you so much luck with baby #3!!!!

  7. says

    Oh Heather, I hear you on the anxiety thing! It is SO hard to deal with! I battled PPD, and now live with depression every day. It’s been about a year and a half since my diagnosis and to be perfectly honest, it has just been the last 3 months that I truly feel as though I finally control it. And as I wrote in my own blog post today, I am happier than I’ve been in a long time. I can tell you are in a very positive place, and you’ll pull yourself out of this funk! It is OK to put it all out there. Writing and my blog was a huge, huge help for me in my own journey through my diagnosis and (at the time) therapy. I truly believe that putting it out there, and getting the support of others helps tremendously!! Huge hugs to you!!


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