Happy Mother’s Day

I am a proud & thankful Mom to two beautiful little girls!  They are my life, my sunshine, my heart…they are & always will be my babies, no matter how old they are!  I am beyond honored & grateful that Ava & Sophie chose me to be there Mom!  My husband has his hands full at times with three girls, but I secretly think he loves it! ;)


Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom!  My Mother set a great example for what a Mom should be, I’m glad I picked the best Mom out there! ;)  My Mom has always been there for me, through all life’s changes, problems & joys!  I am still her baby, even though I’m 33 years old & always will be.  She gave me a hug recently & told me exactly that!  Thank you Mom for being my Mom, thank you for the love, support, honesty & everything in between that makes you you!  Now Mom is also Nanny to my girls, I love seeing my Mom with my girls, a circle or cycle that keeps going on.  My Mom says that grandchildren are the reason you have kids!  Someday in the future I will know what she means….  I love you Mom!

4 Generations

I also want to wish my Mother-in-law a Happy Mother’s Day!  Without her I wouldn’t have the best husband ever! ;)  In all seriousness it is true.  She raised her son to be a man full of love, compassion & integrity, she raised him to be polite, helpful & to be a true gentleman.  Her baby, her son became my husband & the father of my children…the best gift she could give me!



Ok, sappy & sentimental aside….

On this day, Mother’s Day, I celebrate all the other Mother’s out there!  Moms, step-moms, grandmothers, aunts, pet moms…any woman that is like a Mother to someone…Happy Mother’s Day one & all!  May your day be filled with love & gratitude for the awesome Mom & woman you are!

What are your thoughts?