Paint & Vino…makes for a fun night out!

The 1st time I ever heard of painting as a night out was from my friend Joanna, she had friends down south that had done it.  Painting, wine & a night out?!  I was intrigued but a little nervous, I’m not very artistic, AT ALL.  Crafty yes, but painting…no.  I was nervous my painting would resemble something my 3 year old would do, seriously!

Well a few weeks ago Joanna saw an ad on Facebook for Paint & Vino & she decided to try it out.  I couldn’t go the 1st time, but I patiently waited to hear all about it.  The verdict was a great & fun night!  After that I wanted to give it a go…even if mine came out like a 3 year olds finger painting! ;)

A group of my Rhody Bloggers friends went to Paint & Vino over Memorial Day weekend, for a fun girls night!  The painting class is from 5pm to 8pm, with a 20 minute break in between.  All materials are included & you receive 2 tickets to use for 2 glasses of wine, beer or soft drinks.  At the beginning of the class everyone receives a cork to paint while we waited for others to get there.  I painted mine blue & white with an anchor, then a ‘R’ & ‘B’…Rhody Bloggers!  The corks get attached to velcro around a doorway, every time you get back there are more & more corks filing it up!


A blank canvas is set up with all the colors of paint you will need for your painting.  (Notice my wine, canvas, paint & cork above?!) Jessica was our instructor & she expertly led us through the steps to go from blank canvas to beautiful painting by the end of the night!  Jessica would tell the group what colors she was using for each step of the painting, then would go around & give individual advice to each of us.  For a non-painter I was pretty impressed with my final product!  I loved walking around the room to see everyone’s paintings.  We all painted the same lighthouse scene, but everyone’s painting was different depending on the mix of colors they used or just the style they painted with.  Paint & Vino is a great night out for anyone!  Date night, team building, girls night out…whatever excuse for a night out you may have!  As my friend Joanna said…“Paint and Vino: What’s better than that?”


{Photo credit ~ Jackie over at Venting Sessions}

There is a calendar on Paint & Vino website, take a look there & you can pick your class by painting, time of day or both!  Each class is $35!  Remember, that includes materials, 2 drinks & a fun night out!  Paint & Vino is located at 150 Main St. in Pawtucket, with plenty of parking.

If you would like to learn more about Paint & Vino, you can visit them here…382149_362858830485200_846404941_n






*Disclosure ~ I received a discount on my class in exchange for my honest review shared here.


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    Everyone who attended loved it and I can see why! I’d love to try my hand at it (I’m not artistic!), but the end results are all so beautiful. Hopefully, my painting will be hanging-worthy! Thanks for posting…

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    Love your pictures – and sorry I missed the night out! I ended up going through a event – and absolutely LOVE Paint & Vino — not to mention the ever so sweet owners :)

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