Random Musings


Random, oh so random….  Recently my 5.5 year old told me “you are sooo random Mom”!  I mean, really?!  Have we gone from little girl to teenager already?!

I’m being sooo random with….

  1. My 2 year old, Sophie, will be turning 3 on Monday!  Where has the time gone?!
  2. The same “baby” is potty trained!
  3. I’ve got a new venture with two of my friends, Joanna & Elizabeth!!!  Have you checked out Rhode Explorers yet?!
  4. It snowed 22 inches at my house during the Blizzard of 2015 aka Juno!
  5. As I’m typing this, it is snowing again with more snow forecasted in the next few days in RI!
  6. I LOVE my Sorel boots & LOVE that the girls have little Sorels too!
  7. Our family is finally able to ski together this year!  Which makes skiing so much more fun!
  8. All of my Christmas decorations are down, but not put away…yet!
  9. As far as the above….I need to do a major de-clutter, cleaning & organizing, but I’m totally overwhelmed!
  10. Ava is already 100 days into kindergarten!  Wow!
  11. Sophie is already talking about going to pre-school in September!
  12. I haven’t been keeping up with my blog, which disappoints me… :(
  13. I need to set aside time for the above!
  14. I need to plan out my workouts for the week & put them in my calendar!
  15. Goal: CrossFit 4 days a week, Yoga 1-2 days & running in there too…

What random musings do you have?!


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