Random Musings….

mus·ing ~ myo͞oziNG ~ noun ~ plural noun: musings
  1. a period of reflection or thought.  “his musings were interrupted by the sound of the telephone”

synonyms: meditationthinkingcontemplationdeliberation, pondering, reflection,rumination, introspection,

daydreaming, reverie, dreaming, preoccupation,broodingformal cogitation.

“in my musing of late, I have decided that I need more purpose in my life”

Now that you know what MUSING means….  Here are my Random Musings, in no particular order…
  1. It is September 25th, where did the Summer go?!
  2. Same train of thought…. We needed coats today!
  3. How is it possible that my “baby” is in Kindergarten?!  Seriously?!
  4. My CrockPot has become a workhorse in my kitchen lately!  Helps me get a healthy & delicious dinner on the table in a timely fashion!
  5. I’m loving our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)!  It has been a challenge some weeks to use all the veggies…  When in doubt or simply out of time, I chop ‘em & put ‘em all in the crockpot with some spices & hope for the best!  Every time I’ve done this, we’ve gotten the best!
  6. I kind of love the more scheduled life we have because of my daughter being in kindergarten!
  7. Same train of thought…  Makes me realize how much time was wasted this Summer without a schedule.  Live & learn!
  8. Kindergarten is tough for spontaneous long weekend travelers like us!  No more Mondays & Fridays off, or at least not too many!
  9. SOOOOO very happy to be mostly healed after my ankle fraction in mid June.  Finally at the gym with no ankle brace, which means while I am strengthening my ankle, it has been a little sore.
  10. I’m loving the Whole Life Challenge that we are doing!  8 weeks of clean eating, exercising, mobility, water intake, supplements & lifestyle changes started on September 13th!
  11. I darkened my hair with low lights yesterday….a sure sign of Fall!
  12. Start of Fall, but I already signed the girls up for ski lessons!  I can’t wait for Winter & skiing!
  13. This will be our 1st year with all 4 of us skiing together!  I can’t believe we are already at that point with our family!
  14. Still dealing with the fall out of my cancer/hysterectomy…not in a physical way but rather an emotional way…  I REALLY wanted to add to our family, in fact we were trying to get pregnant when I was diagnosed, so that for me has been the hardest to accept.
  15. If anyone happens to see a stork flying around with a baby, please send them our way! ;)  Seriously!!

Ok, are you sick of my Musings yet?!  I will give you a break at this point! ;)  I think this may become a more regular post, I had fun sharing all of these with you!

Leave me a comment & share some of your musings with me!



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