Random Photo Challenge

My friend Liz, over at Learning To Juggle, has started a weekly random photo challenge & I’m excited to do this!  I’m always up for a challenge, plus it will be fun using random photos & the story of that photo!!

This week’s challenge: Go to where you have the most pictures readily available digitally (phone, blog, computer, shutterfly, where ever) and pick your oldest picture (based on the date of the picture) and post it, whatever it is.

After my Dad passed away I scanned pictures into my computer for a slide show.  This is the oldest picture I had on my computer.  I would say circa early 80′s….  Loving the shorts I’m wearing, bangs, my brother’s “bowl” haircut & check out that lovely stripped wallpaper!!  Check out my Dad’s curly hair…he had it longer when he was younger, so you could see the curls more…as he got older he would keep it shorter & lose some of the curl!!  As you can see neither my brother or I got curly hair…. :(

Thanks Liz for this great challenge!!  It is always fun to look back at old pictures because, they allow you to re-live the moment or refresh a memory buried behind so many more recent memories!!


What are your thoughts?