Rhode Explorers & What it means to me…

Joanna, Heather & Elizabeth

Joanna, Heather & Elizabeth

Have you heard of Rhode Explorers yet?!  Rhode Explorers is a club for women in Rhode Island that gives us an opportunity to explore our home here in New England!  It was started by Joanna, Elizabeth & myself with 3 principles in mind: Adventure, Service & Knowledge.

If you read my Bio on the About Us page, I have been CEO of my household since I had my first daughter in July 2009!  Ok, I kid about the CEO part… ;)  But I have been a stay at home Mom for the past 5.5 years, keeping my husband & 2 daughters alive & well.  I love having the opportunity to be there for all the milestones, for the potty training, for the bike riding, for the play dates, field trips & everything in between!  Believe me I do!  There are those times that I sit down for a few minutes & think about having a little something for me.  You know what I mean?  Something more substantial than a hair cut or mani/pedi, even though we all need those from time to time too!  Whether you are a Mom & Wife, a Wife, a working Mom or Wife, a stay at home Mom or Wife, Single & working…we women ALL need something that is just for us.  For me, that something is Rhode Explorers!

The idea behind Rhode Explorers is getting a group of women together regularly to take on new adventures you may not want to do on your own or learn a new skill or contribute to our community through service.  We want to enrich your lives one event at at time!  Take time out from your busy life to meet new friends, try new things & just have that something for yourself.  I’m looking forward to having an event to go to every month or every other month, knowing that I will have fun, meet new women & hopefully reconnect with women from past events!  Maybe, just maybe Rhode Explorers can help us get closer to the ever elusive life balance that most women strive for, by giving us an hour to recharge, relax, learn & have fun!

Our 1st event, at Raffa Yoga, has already sold out!  Stay tuned to our events page for the March event!

Do you have an adventure, class or anything that you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t want to go by yourself or couldn’t get a group of friends interested?!  Contact us & maybe we will pick your idea for a future event!

Head over to Rhode Explorers to read more, Joanna wrote “Why we started Rhode Explorers” & Elizabeth wrote “Why become a Rhode Explorer“!


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