Shredded Potato Quiche & Ramekin Baked Eggs

I posted 2 pictures to Instagram today & received requests for the recipes!  Believe me, you want to try these!  2 meals out of 1 set of ingredients!  Yummy & super easy!

Shredded Potato Quiche

Shredded Potato Quiche


  • 20oz bag of shredded potatoes {I used Simply Potatoes}
  • 3tbps Kerrygold Butter
  • 1lb sausage, sliced {I used Whole Foods Orange Cranberry Sausage}
  • 6 eggs
  • 3/4c Milk
  • Handful of shredded cheese {I used Cabot Sharp Cheddar}


Preheat oven to 400.  Melt butter & mix with shredded potatoes.  Drizzle a little olive oil in a 9in pie pan & spread around, then line the sides & bottom with the shredded potato/butter mixture.  Bake at 400 for 25 minutes.  While that bakes saute sausage slices until cooked through.  Mix together the 6 eggs & milk.  Put the cooked sausage in the pre-baked potato crust, then add egg/milk mixture & sprinkle with shredded cheese.  Drop the temperature to 375 & bake the quiche for 40 minutes.  Check to make sure quiche is cooked through & doesn’t jiggle in the center!

I also cooked 1lb of bacon on the side.  I layout bacon on a cookie sheet & put in the oven, then turn on the oven to 400 degrees for 20 minutes.  Bacon cooks while oven is preheating & once it is at 400.

*Note: you could always add veggies or other meat to your quiche!  Use this as an opportunity to clean out your fridge or pantry!


Ramekin Egg Bake Ingredients

Ramekin Egg Bake

 Leftover Ramekin Baked Eggs


  • shredded potatoes
  • cooked sausage
  • 2 eggs
  • salt & pepper for seasoning


Preheat the oven to 400.  I usually drizzle a little olive oil or use some olive oil spray on the an OVEN SAFE ramekin so nothing will stick to badly.  Line the bottom of the ramekin with the shredded potatoes, then place some of the cooked sausage, try & make little “pockets” for your eggs.  Crack to eggs, try to get the yolks in the “pockets” you created & let the white go through the whole dish.  Then sprinkle with salt & pepper to your liking.  As far as cooking time, it depends how you like your yolks…  15 minutes yolks will be runny & 20 minutes yolks will be mostly cooked through.

*Note: this is also a great way of using up other leftovers too!  I’ve used leftover brussels sprouts & pancetta or even use a chopped avocado with some hot sauce!

Cheers & enjoy!


When you try either of these, let me know what you think!


What are your thoughts?