Thankful Thanksgiving

Our family 2015

Our family 2015

Thanksgiving, the most Thankful time of the year!  Although I try to be Thankful everyday, there is just something bigger & better about Thankfulness at Thanksgiving!  My family always tops my list, along with good friends, good health, a roof over our heads & food on our plates.

I decided to spread the Thankfulness around our family…

Ava is Thankful for…Mommy, Daddy, Sophie, donuts, turkey & snow!

Sophie is Thankful for…trees, Ava, sand, Mommy & Daddy!

My husband, Pete, is Thankful for…Heather, Ava, Sophie, our extended family, good health & happiness!

On this Thanksgiving I am Thankful for…Pete, Ava, Sophie, the rest of our family, our friends, good health, happiness, possibilities, our home, food to nourish us, family adventures we’ve already had or are waiting to enjoy, the opportunity to be a stay-at-home Mom, my 1st cup of coffee, CrossFit, workout buddies, the present & the future!  I am Thankful for life!!!

Take a moment today to think of what you have to be Thankful & ask those around you too, you may be happily surprised by their responses!

Wishing you a very Happy THANKSgiving!  May you enjoy it with family & friends!