Thankful Thursday…

cooltext879395335Ummm…except it is Friday night! ;)  Such is life sometimes….

“Live a Thankful life & see your positivity soar!” ~ Me :)

“Be Thankful for every breath you take, Thankful for every moment that takes your breath away, Thankful for every sunrise & every sunset…be Thankful for your LIFE!” ~ Me :)


On this Thankful Thursday…

  • I’m Thankful for my health!  I wasn’t sure when or if I could say that…I CAN NOW!
  • I’m Thankful I won’t need any further treatment!  As for follow up, I will see my oncologist every 4-6 months for a check up & blood work for the next couple of years.
  • I’m Thankful to be fully recovered after my hysterectomy & looking forward to living a full life again!
  • I’m Thankful I can take care of both of my girls by myself again!  I can pick Sophie up & put her in her car seat, which means I can go out & enjoy summer days with my girls!
  • I’m Thankful for the start of warm weather play dates with our friends!  Ava, Sophie & I had a great time at our friend’s house on Wednesday!  Thanks Joanna & family! :)
  • I’m Thankful that our house projects are winding down & should be done by next weekend!  We will have a new & complete deck, the house painted & our yard back because as of now our yard is home to building supplies, wood & a dumpster!
  • I’m Thankful…that is it…simply THANKFUL!

What do you have to be Thankful for this week?!  Link up over at Baby Gators Den or leave me a comment!



  1. mel says

    I am so happy to hear this!!!! The best news that you don’t need any further treatment! I am always thinking about you:)

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