Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

True statement!  Give it a go tomorrow morning or start right now!  Living a Thankful life can improve your life, you will see all the good around you & be more positive!  Believe me, I know there are obstacles, there are days when it is hard to be Thankful…but you can do it.

On this Thankful Thursday…

  • I’m Thankful for ALMOST being back to normal after battling sickies since February 6th.  Seriously, February 6th!
  • I’m Thankful for the help of my Husband, Mom & Mother-in-law while we battled the sickies!
  • I’m Thankful for the health challenge I’m doing!  I got a little derailed when I was sick, I didn’t go to crossfit for 11 day & it was a rough return…but I AM BACK!
  • I’m Thankful that Pete & I have a kid-free anniversary vacation starting this weekend!  Yay!  We are heading up to The Mount Washington Hotel for some skiing, relaxing, massages, wine, good food & sleeping in!
  • Keeping in mind the kid0free getaway…  I’m Thankful for my Mom & Mother-in-law, knowing that our girls are in good hands makes it easier to go away!

What are you Thankful for today?!


What are your thoughts?