Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Another week gone by!  Did you make it a good week?!  A happy week?!  A Thankful week?!  I wake up every morning Thankful to start another day, another week, another month, another year…Thankful for this thing we call LIFE!

I can’t get over how fast time goes by!  Can you?!  It is amazing to think about time & how it changes in life!  When you are a child, school seems to take forever!  High school seems to be so far away to a 1st grader!  The all of sudden you are starting college & those 4 years go by, then it is out into the “adult” world!  Fast forward literally to getting engaged, married & then having kids!  Now time really moves quickly!  I think for me having kids made time move the fastest!  Wasn’t is just July 2009 & Ava was born?!  No, not really!  It is June 2014 & she just graduated Pre-K!

Time, time, time….  Time is what we never have enough of & something that goes by so quickly!  But it really should be treasured & savored!  Who has time for that, right?!  Well, I’m making TIME!  Making time to enjoy my girls when they are little & all the milestones that they reach!  Making time to listen to their little voices & their not so little yelling voices!  Making time to catch up with my husband & keep our love alive!  I’m making time to be Thankful for this life, because living a Thankful life helps me to live a happy & positive life too!

So, who has time to read my list of Thankfulness?! ;)

On this Thankful Thursday…

  • I’m Thankful for the love I share with my husband!  I’m Thankful that we can agree to disagree instead of fight, Thankful that we have very good communication skills {my husband would tell you I over-communicate ;)}, Thankful that we both wake up every morning willing to put the work into making & maintaining a happy marriage!
  • I’m Thankful for Ava’s wonderful teachers she had in Pre-K at Breezy Knoll!  They worked with her when she struggled & cheered on her accomplishments!
  • I’m Thankful that my brother had 2 girls right around the time I had Ava!  4 girls between the 2 of us…  Instant & lifelong best friends!
  • I’m Thankful for the time I get to spend at No Risk CrossFit!  Working on getting & staying fit makes me healthier & happier!  I am so happy that I can get in 4 to 5 days a week, either by myself or bringing the girls along!
  • I’m Thankful for colorful workout gear!  Seriously, I am!  Wearing colors as oppose to black/grey brighten my mood instantly!  Check out my Instagram feed for a pic of my recent workout gear purchase & the colored capris I wore today!
  • I’m Thankful for longer days of Summer!  Having the extra time before sunset gives the illusion of having more time in the day!  For me at least!
  • I’m Thankful for my life!


What do you have to be Thankful for?!  Surely there is something or someone?!

What are your thoughts?