Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday


Well this week is all about being Thankful for silver linings….

On this Thankful Thursday….

  • I’m Thankful that we had great weather for a Father’s Day spent at the beach!
  • I’m Thankful for a husband that could leave work to pick me up after injuring myself at CrossFit!
  • I’m Thankful for Joanna, who volunteered to take me to the Dr & care for my girls while I checked the extent of my injury!
  • I’m Thankful that all the other ladies & Coach Keidy for their support afterwards!

Silver linings, right?!?! ;)

  • I’m Thankful for my Mom, my Mother-In-Law & my Husband helping me these last couple of days!
  • I’m Thankful that my ankle was just badly sprained!  It could’ve been worse…
  • I’m Thankful for the time I’ve had to relax with the girls at home, instead of racing about!

Ahh…even when something in life gets you down…look to the silver linings & find at least one!

What are your thoughts?