Thankful Thursday

My witch & black kitty cat on the hayride…

It is Thursday…you know what that means…Thankful Thursday!  What are you Thankful for this week?!  Besides candy!! ;)

On this Thankful Thursday…

  • First & foremost…I’m Thankful that we escaped damage during Hurricane Sandy & never lost power!
  • I’m Thankful my family & friends also made it through unscathed…
  • I’m Thankful for craft fun with my 3 year old!
  • I’m Thankful that my husband gets into Halloween…he turns his ATV trailer into a hayride for the kids!  He decorates it & drives it around for Trick or Treating…the kids LOVE it!
  • I’m Thankful for donut cake…yes I said donut cake!  I got a Jack O Lantern donut cake for Halloween!

This is the donut cake!

What made your list this week?!  what do you have to be Thankful for?!  I’m hoping you can be Thankful for making it through Hurricane Sandy with out too many problems.


  1. Patty says

    Great time last night, thank you for the goodie bag, hayride and fun trick or treating. I think that the adults had just as much fun as the kiddies! Can’t wait for next year!!

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