To have another child or not to have another child…that is the question…

In our house at least! ;)  We have been blessed with 2 amazing, wonderful, loving and healthy little girls whom we love with all our heart!  But… there another baby in our future?  How did you decide?  Did you go for the 3rd, 4th, 5th?  We are thinking of keeping it to 3.  There are so many factors to think about…financial, time, space to name a few.  There is no question we have enough love for many, many more!  But let’s be honest, it isn’t all about love.  So, what are we going to do?  Well, you will have to stick around and see!

There are some other factors that need to be considered, for us at least…  Our daughters were concieved a little differently than some of your children.  To get pregnant the 1st time we used Chlomid to ovulate and after the 1st cycle “we” were pregnant.  By “we” of course I really mean “me”!  Yipee!!!  We saw 2 pink lines a day after my birthday in 2008 and so started an easy, routine pregnancy…ummm…except for the Gestational Diabetes.  It was controlled, so back to a easy, routine pregnancy!  My due date was August 9th 2009…but on July 24th at 3:30 am our little girl was ready and my water broke.  Fast forward a few hours, some pushing, a heart rate dropping and Ava was born at 1:21 pm on July 24th via emergency c section.  Our beautiful, pink, healthy 6lb 130z baby girl was here!  About 2 1/2 weeks early!

Now time for baby #2…?!  We tried the Chlomid again for about 5 months, them moved on to 3 rounds of IUI and 2 rounds of IVF…over about 14 month time span.  The 2nd round of IVF worked and on Father’s Day  2011 we saw 2 little pink lines again, finally!  Mostly easy and routine…with some MORNING SICKNESS, I use that term lightly because it was ALL DAY…and Gestational Diabetes again.  My due date was February 27th, with a repeat c section scheduled for February 24th.  But of course this little girl couldn’t wait either!  Sophie was born on February 2nd at 6:20am after my water broke at 3:30 (same time as her sister…weird?) via c section.  Our little…ummm…little…she was 8lbs…healthy, beautiful baby girl!  Glad she decided to come join us before she got any bigger!

So that is why we have more to consider…  We would need to go through the process of IVF again.  Although I’m sure we could try Chlomid or IUI or even try without anything…it would take more time, a lot more time.  At this point we know what works for us and that is IVF.  What will we do…?!



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    I want 10, but my husband only wants two, so we made a compromise and are “planning” on having 3….(Though if they are all girls I may be able to convince him to “try” for a 4th;)

    Good luck to you, no matter what your decision is!! Your little ones are beautiful!

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      Thanks Sarah! I would love to have more, we will see where we end up! You never know?!?! ;) As for “planning”, it is always up for discussion, right?!

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    I would just keep going until I felt we were done, burg that isn’t really practical I guess, haha. My husband and I have decided four is a good number for us. Good luck, I will be excited to see what you decide :)

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      I hear you Megan! Ahh…if only we didn’t have to consider the practicality of how many kids to add!! ;) Thanks for the well wishes, we will see!!


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